Bio: I love my God, I am the wife of a Sometimes curmudgeonly, always lovingly Marine Nam Vet/Celtic Cowboy who loves me more than I ever dared imagine possible, I am a farmer/photographer/artist/barn singer and lover of Nature and all off my critters, (2,3and 4 legged- some are gimpy) - I write what I know, see and feel- sometimes I offend but that's not my fault if your a bit thin skinned, so... Mostly I write story lines, imaginings and conversations with God, Angels and my Animals. Not always in that order - my 1st half of life I traveled the world some, second half I worked and cared for too much and not enough, my third half I am enjoying and struggling through beautifully and shiningly (some of that might be sweat) . I live on a small farm in NE Fla with my husband - who I will usually refer to as Trot- all kids are gone and raising their own for the most part so it's just us... Oh and The chickens, horses, pigs, birds, cats, donkeys, dogs, mah'goats, and a butt load of Ants! Oh and tree bugs.. Aka steroidal roaches. I'm glad to finally get this blog thing going! Hope you enjoy! If not well-- that's okay too.

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