Mardi Gras blues 2017

To live in a non Mardi Gras world with a Mardi Gras heart.This is my 15th Mardi Gras season away from Mardi Gras land… sigh.. which makes it 15 long years without that chewy sweet crusty gooey King cake to stuff my finger licking face with. How have I not perished yet? It is a thing that flows through your veins if you have ever lived through one season, but most especially if your family history glows nostalgically from the sights and sounds and smells of generational memory’s of songs, floats, hollering and the sting of face caught beads– umbrellas flipped up to catch the goodies and grandmas stomping tiny hands to grab a coveted treasure- this is NOT a sport for the faint of heart or hurt feelings. No room for that!! Just learn to be faster with a grab tuck duck roll and run! It’s a learned thing not unlike that found at Parris Island! I think Mardi Gras Might just BE the ultimate training grounds for our good US Marines et al!! You have to be all you can be when the game is afoot. Just sayin- 💚💜💛

Someone PLEASE send King Cake!!! #mardigras #kingcake #mobilemardigras 

(Photos found online are not my own but public stock photos)


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