Chilly sleep in

Wow!! Bed early up late ! When you’re snuggled in, all warm, surrounded and covered by cats and the air outside the blanket is cool– it’s tough to get up.. then that one dog gives his one deep and loud bark right outside the door– (the I have to go potty NOW bark.) cats and blanket fly- (I swear he Channel’s my dad! Mama would fight and struggle to get me out of bed when I was little, daddy? One hard knock on the door and a “it’s 0630! GET UP” and I was airborne, dressed and out the door before the blanket hit the floor!)That cold air hits any exposed skin and you know you’re alive! 

Hitting the floor running this morning. Coffee on the brew, dogs on the bark, kitties indignantly forgiving after their bowls are filled. Here I come World… this day must have something special in it to find to nudge me so hard!!

Come on Lena… let’s go see what the boys are up to out there so loudly. 


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