Things that go bump in the night- as Hurricane Matthew slithers away.. 

Annnd the Cheese stands alone….. 

On a dark and stormy night…

All alone in the dark as the wind howled …
Okay– yes- I’m bored..trot just went out side – I told him to dodge limbs; more we’re down, we found – he napped until just a bit ago so it was me and my little wind up radio… and a cute little bug 🐜 that was attracted by the light… we bonded. He might be in the picture if you look hard…. he just walked round and round… okay I’ll go now. It’s been a long day…. and I heard loud crashes still out there- we lost a few panels off the old barn. Some are loose and banging, others are just flying off! 

Also just heard earlier it could take several days for the power to come back on… aLOTTA meats gonna be grilled tomorrow… if the grill didn’t blow away. 


#southernspiritfarm #hurricanematthew #fcnstorm 


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