Hurricane Matthew- keep praying-All is well- so far

Good morning from our soggy farm!
SURF’s UP!!!
Went out @ 0854am to feed up this morning- everyone was very calm and watchful- even fussy LUCY! Who’s safety parameter is usually 4-5′ preferably 20′! It was a little gusty some ☔️ but cooling and nice really. The trees were blowing a little with a LOUD whisper. Not howling yet. Barney and Bodley roosters were taking a leisurely stroll, trolling for morsels of goodies. They are now back in the barn – funny how they all become a peaceable kingdoms before a storm – I call it the Ark syndrome .. but was ARE magisark! Hah!  

Divided up the aisle so Lucy could still have her space and an out thru the back gate if she wants- but she never ventures far from Elam who is in the stall by her end of the barn- I feel MUCH better having moved the big boy Donks- Stone and Yule, into the barn as well. Their stall in the little barn was too exposed- they went right in and hunkered where I wanted them. It always pleases and amazes me how they listen and obey your every wish, understanding your efforts and wants of them during times like this. 

The feed room has the chairs ready for us if needed- some of the more skidding and run and hide cates are already crated. Everyone else are staying low and close to us – and I have coffee in hand , wine near by , plenty of knitting and a good book- and trot has his movies and beer- we have food and water- and a few snax to boot- so far so good- really praying hard for friends and family to our south/ as they are getting hammered pretty bad all night and now, as Matthew slowing slides up along the coast- thankfully – being close to land HAS weakens him a little, do… that’s good- 
We love you- here is a video from this morning and a few pix- will keep you posted!! I am posting on my farm page on FB and sharing them on my regular page and twitter and Instagram when I can- plus emailing to those who don’t have any of those- 
We LOVE you all!! Be safe be smart and KEEP PRAYING FOR US PLEASE! As always , it’s working! 

Mag and Trot ( aka dad-n-mag)


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