Monthly Mandazi Muchies

Yummy Tanzanian Beignets!!


So anyone who knows me on some level knows that I have a deep affinity for food. I love looking at it, talking about it, making it, and of course eating it. I knew that coming to live in the village would present an interesting challenge. I still wanted to be creative with my food, but I am somewhat limited in selection and tools. But hamna shida, this is a challenge I’m eager to take on.

One of the first foods I was introduced to here is called mandazi. Mandazi is basically the Tanzanian donut. It’s fluffy, slightly sweet and delectably fried in sunflower or vegetable oil. It’s also called the “Swahili bun” and is mainly eaten by people who live around the African Great Lakes, so Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The great thing about mandazi is that it can be eaten with many things. I personally like to eat…

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